Performance management

If you want to be successful with performance management you must work with multiple items:

  • Structured work with goals where some goals can be passed down through the company and other goals are more individual, but still with the companies overall goals in mind.
  • Behaviour – how leaders and employees navigate in relation to the objectives they need to achieve
  • Motivation – what drives leaders and employees in the right direction?
  • Culture – the ‘glue’ that bind different leaders and employees together and ensures pulling in the same direction
  • Leadership – How do you get employees to ‘follow’ their leader?
  • Coaching skills and mindset – a leader that masters coaching skills and mindset acts as a role model for the employees and has a higher change of succeeding in employee motivation

Where do you start?

The good news is that many of the same tools works on several parameters. For example, the coaching leader is a good listener and help employees to set inspirational and specific objectives. It increases employee motivation so that the employee feels seen and heard.

‘We know that highly motivated employees perform up to twice as much as the average motivated employees’ (Børsen 28/6-2013)

We can document that job satisfaction increases productivity in both private and public companies. The Productivity Commission has also proved that a clear performance culture as the American increase productivity,’ says Regional Director in Ennova, Kirstine Rechendorff. The survey documents at the same time that an effective performance culture does not need to capitalize job satisfaction (Børsen 3/6-2013)

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