Coaching training

A coaching leadership style and knowledge of when to use it can give amazing results for both company, leaders and employees. Here’s what I can offer your business:

  • Teaching in a coaching leadership style that can easily be integrated into everyday life
  • A model to coach employees in specific goals based on either the GROW model (developed by John Whitmore) or Manning Inspire’s coaching model
  • Tools to assess when you as a leader can coach and when to take on a different role, such as a sparring partner, advisor or mentor
  • Tools to manage different types of employees
  • An anchoring program designed for you and your company to ensure implementation of the coaching leadership style
  • Self-development as a leader

Here you can read good reasons to why coaching as a leadership style is important:

Bersin & Associates, a research and consulting firm, has announced new research that shows senior leaders who coach, develop and hold others accountable for coaching and development are three times more effective at producing improved business and talent results than those who do not.

“A coaching and development approach to performance management empowers organizations to provide support when they cannot offer more compensation. It also facilitates the development of younger workers and helps retain employees in competitive emerging markets.

“Our research also shows that organizations are moving to a coaching and development model of performance management because it drives innovation and growth, which is a top priority in organizations today.”

The research shows that organizations effective at teaching managers to coach deliver higher levels of employee productivity, employee engagement and financial performance.


What other people say about coaching training in Leadinspire

”Not to soft – credible and relevant”. – Finance Progress Specialist, Novozymes

 ”Tina is an excellent coach sharing highly valuable and applicable topics and tools to improve the work and workplace on a daily basis”. A day with Tina is very recommendable if you need to view your daily tasks from a different and more effective angle”. – Credit Management, Financial Controller, Novozymes

”Very inspiring session – again!”. Participant on coaching training workshop