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LeadCreator is online leadership training and consists of 18 lessons grouped in 12 modules.


LeadCreator is online leadership training and consists of 18 lessons grouped in 12 modules. Each topic is presented shortly in a video and the related documents describe the exercises you can conduct to learn your new leadership skills and competencies. With LeadCreator you will have a go-to place as a leader and you will have massive teaching and learnings for a long time. LeadCreator is developed based on the theory in social- and emotional intelligence. You can read more about social- and emotional intelligence here.

The modules in LeadCreator are:


  • This module describes how you learn through LeadCreator

Learn from Leaders

  • What challenges other leaders had when the entered the leader role
  • What would other leaders liked to have known earlier
  • What would other leaders do differently if they should start over again

Increase your self-awareness

  • Uncover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Work with your ‘negative’ reactions with other people
  • How to accept things that are outside your control


  • Learn what integrity is about
  • Uncover your values and set up rules to meet your values

Innovation and creativity

  • What is innovation and creativity and how important is it
  • How to work with innovation and creativity daily
  • Learn innovation and creativity for personal use and in groups

High Achievement

  • How powerful and inspiring it is to set and work towards goals – personally and in business
  • How you set and work with goals, daily, weekly, yearly and longer term
  • Learn what types of goals are inspiring and important to you
  • How to work with goals with your employees


  • Uncover your purpose and passion – why you are here.


  • How to listen better
  • Learn communication strategies to ease your communication
  • Learn what to listen for and how you meet other peoples needs


  • Reduce preventions to delegate
  • How to delegate better based on needs and competencies
  • Focus on your value and contribution to delegate the right things


  • Learn the key ingredients in motivation
  • Use the questions sheet to uncover your employees motivation without using the word motivation

1-to-1 employee sessions

  • Learn why 1-to-1 employee sessions are a unique opportunity to develop together with your employees
  • Use the printable colored cards to structure your preparation and/or your 1-to-1 employee sessions
  • Use the agenda template to structure your meetings
  • Use the proposed communication to inform your employees of the new structure.

Install new behavior

  • Learn what it takes to ‘install’ a new behavior or competency
  • Use the exercise sheet for all new competencies you want to learn/improve.


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