Know your Values, Goals and Passion


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Complete set of guides and exercises to know your values, goals and passion


This online product will give you a complete set of exercises and guides to

#1 Uncover your values

#2 Get a toolset on how to set and work with goals, private and in business

#3 Find your passion and/or your purpose in life.


You will be guided through all the exercises step-by-step and you will learn how powerful the outcome of these exercises is. These exercises corresponds to more than 10 hours of personal coaching

This online product Know your Values, Goals and Passion is completely online and consists of 6 lessons grouped in 3 modules. Each topic is presented shortly in a video and the related documents describe the exercises you can conduct to learn your new insights and competencies.

The modules in Know your Values, Goals and Passion are:

Integrity – Know your values

  • Learn what integrity is about
  • Uncover your values and set up rules to meet your values

High Achievement

  • How powerful and inspiring it is to set and work towards goals – personally and in business
  • How you set and work with goals, daily, weekly, yearly and longer term
  • Learn what types of goals are inspiring and important to you
  • How to work with goals with your employees


  • Uncover your purpose and passion – why you are here.
  • You will be guided through a reflection process to uncover your passion areas


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