Who am I?

My name is Tina Gaarn Christensen, I’m 38 years old, married to my wonderful husband Henrik and has two lovely and active girls at 4 and 7.

in June 2013 i started my own business – Leadinspire – with the purpose to ‘move people towards their greatness’. In Leadinspire I support and train leaders and employees through workshops, seminars and personal coaching sessions.

One major benefit of being head of my own company is that I decide what I want to learn and excel in. One of my favorite areas is social- and emotional intelligence. I am certified to test your social- and emotional intelligence and to provide training in how to increase your skills. As social- and emotional intelligence consists of 26 competencies you can improve, it is a very powerful development tool. I also like that the theory about social and emotional intelligence doesn’t put people into boxes or categories, but just provide a foundation for growth.

Before I started my own business, I worked 5 years in Novozymes with leadership development, talent program, coaching training, coaching, organizational development, process development, change management, implementation of IT systems and much more. It was also during the period I was trained and certified Life and Business Coach at Manning Inspire. It was a great time at Novozymes, where I found my passion, which is now reflected in my business Leadinspire.

I am furthermore certified master coach from Manning Inspire and certified coach in social- and emotional intelligence by the Institute for social- and emotional intelligence in US. I teach for recognized coaching companies besides my own workshops and seminars.

You can see much more of my ‘history’ on LinkedIn.

What I do well

I have learned throughout my career, that what I do well is…

  • Take academic theory and create models/tools to make the theory alive. I make the theory operational. I don’t make up my own theory, but I create the link to everyday life for the leader and the employee. So what should I as s leader do or say specifically. Inspiration is great, but not worth a whole lot, if you don’t apply it
  • I teach academic theory in way that makes it easy to understand and I always create supporting materials that will show you ‘how’ to apply it
  • I try to avoid PowerPoint presentations as they often reduce the focus of the reader. Instead I teach with flipcharts, colored cards and other media. I can do full day workshops without PowerPoints and participants always compliment me for that
  • Most of my material and theory is about behavioral changes, and I believe that value is only created for you, if you feel that change is possible and fairly easy. I cannot change your behavior, but I can do a lot to make it much easier for your. That is my belief behind my online products and the way I teach
  • I give space for all kinds of people, beliefs and opinions and I want sincerely want the best to happen for you

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Robin Sharma puts it like this:

‘Nothing happens until you move – ideas are worth less without execution’

Are you ready to act? I am!