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What to do on Monday?

Based on academic theory I create models/tools to make the theory alive. So what should I as s leader do or say specifically. Inspiration is great, but not worth a whole lot, if you don’t apply it. I help you decide what to do on Monday.

No Powerpoint thanks!

When I conduct workshops and trainings I aim to avoid Powerpoints. Powerpoints suck the energy out of the participants. Instead I use flipcharts, colored cards, videos etc.

I respect your time

I respect your time. When I develop videos and training material for you as a leader, I always aim to get it short. You likely want to get to the solution fast. All my materials and videos are developed with time as your scarce resource in mind.

Happy Customers

Normally I feel session like these are a wast of time/not able to use them – but I feel like I learned something and something about myself today I can also use going forward. THANKS!

You asked me twice this week if I knew anyone who is really good at EI and I think you are actually the best example I can think of in terms of especially self motivation. Thank you for 3 great days and inspiring!

How to practice ongoing employee development through 1-to-1 sessions

  You can conduct 1-to-1 employee sessions or meetings in many ways. Some of the types of meetings are more effective and inspiring than others. The employee and the leader have good intentions and likely the employee enters the meeting with high expectations. What does my leader think about me and the execution of my […]

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Stick and carrot

11 questions to uncover employee motivation

Would you also like to know … What really drive your and others motivation? Why carrot and stick is outdated methods and does not work for most tasks? What you specifically need to do to uncover the motivation of yourself and others? …. and at the same time appear as an inspirational leader? We are […]